DribbleX is experimental real time 3D interface for spatial sound composition. It was developed with intention to be completely intuitive and user friendly and can be operated by anyone with no experience. User can pick sounds from set, move them in space, change their timing and change color of their graphical representation to make his/her own spatial sound pattern.

Created with VRML`97, JavaScript and HTML


Sample view in VRML:
For PC users only, Blaxxun VRML plugin required (download here), Turn your sound ON! sample

Hardware required:
PC CPU min 1GHz, 3D accelerator (on board chips work usually well enough), minimal screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, sound card (4 or more channels recommended), speakers.

Software required:
Windows XP, Direct X 8.0 or newer, MSIE 5.5 or newer, Blaxxun Contact VRML plug-in (download here)

Realization team:
Petr Svarovsky