The virtual being, created by virtual reality technology, closed in the container reminding incubator or sarcophagus. It responds to human speech with movement, sounds and shape changes. Observation can be done through narrow visor with mount in microphone bellow, catching the spectator's voice.

RESIDENT refers to myths and legends of the creation of artificial life-forms. Its construction is inspired by alchemist processes. The creature's appearance and behavior have a precise numerical definition (key numbers are one, two, four and seven). It is presented as an immaterial luminous field (analogy to astral bodies or auras). The fact we can perceive it through senses does not mean certification of its real existence - it is a mere phantom, provoking questions on relation between reality and illusion.


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Ars Electronica '96: Honorary Mention (Interactive Arts)

Exhibition history:
Orbis Fictus, National Gallery, Prague, 1995
Laterne Magique, La Laiterie, Strassbourg, 1998
Enter Multimediale, Prague, 2000
Laboratory of Contemporary Art, National Gallery, Prague, 2000 - 2002

Number of existing clones: 2

Installation view:
Scheme image

Hardware (installation):
SGI O2, MIPS R5000 180 MHz, 256 MB RAM, 2 GB HDD, video board, system camera

Software (installation):
IRIX 6.3, Performer 2.0, custom software

Realization team:
Milan Gustar
Petr Hejda
Pavel Rejholec
Jan Stehlik
Petr Svarovsky

Thanks to:
Alias, A|W Graph, Prosolvia Clarus Inc., Expert Service s.r.o., MultiGen Inc., SGI for sponzoring
SCCA Prague for support