Rose is an experimental virtual sculpture in VRML data format. It is constructed slowly, "petal by petal," adding a new section each time it is viewed onscreen by a new user. Each time a new used accesses the program, the R O S E modifies one aspect of its size, of its shape, and of its color. The type of change depends on the identity of the viewer.

The performance initiated on Thursday, May 23 18:00:00 MDT 1997 - at this moment no object existed, just a cybervacuum. The birth of the flower was initiated by the first viewer to access the program. In the beginning, the form was simple. bus as it grew, changing shape and color, it became more complicated.

Over the following days, months, and years, R O S E continues its performance on the Internet server, and the people who view it will invoke its changes: day by day, it transforms in shape and color, day by day its structure grows...

The core of R O S E's programming is cgi script, written in Bourne shell, and is executed each time the R O S E homepage is accessed. The script performs the following actions:

1. Searching the identity of the viewer: loading and scanning data from the client computer.
2. Altering variables according to the identity of the client.
3. Computing the shape and color of ROSE using actual variables, writing VRML model

Scheme image:

Day by day, the shapes and colors of ROSE change. These changes are slow but irreversible. Below are some examples from the first days:

Test run from 24.4. 1997 to 12.5. 1997:

Evolution from 23.5. to 28.5. 1997:

Models were archived daily at first, and later by week. Archiving stopped on 26.07.1997. The project was ran until the end of the year 2002.

Images rendered from the archived geometry:

Hardware (installation):

Software (installation):
IRIX 6.3, Netscape WWW server, vrml1to2

Realization team:
Petr Svarovsky

Thanks to:
Alias, A|W Graph, Expert Service s.r.o., SGI for sponzoring
Michal Cilek and Jan Stehlik for support